Titanium Plate types

Titanium Plate is used in architecture, construction, marine and sea water applications, chemical industries, food processing plants, nuclear power plants, heat generators, heat exchangers and many aerospace applications. The titanium material is very strong, ductile and has very high tensile strength as well. There are different grades of the material. The type of application mandates the type of material to be used. There are different alloys used to produce the different types of the material. There are more than 35 types of titanium grades. Each grade has its own specialties. The titanium plate could be of pure titanium or alloyed. One of the most used is the grade 5 titanium. It has 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium, iron and oxygen in its composition.

These alloys provide the particular grade with very high workability. It is easy to weld with and can be handled from very low temperatures such as cryogenic temperatures up to mildly high temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. The titanium plates are produced in large sheets. These sheets are then cut to the different desired sizes. The titanium sheet is then used to produce other accessories as well. The uses of titanium sheet are mostly in structural applications and the production of other accessories and derivatives. Due to the widespread usage, the titanium grade 5 plate prices are very much compatible. These are used across almost all industries where metallic plates are used. The prices could fluctuate based on the demand, supply, transportation and the available stock from the suppliers.

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